Renovation of existing buildings: Structural, Architectural and interiors.







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- Modification of the entrance hall and entering the elevator in Coca Cola factory. Sevilla.
- Rehabilitation of housing between party for use as a guesthouse. Street Credit. Sevilla.
Draft guidance published by "contemporary architecture Sevilla 2000-2010"
- Rehabilitation for residential palace. 10 apartments. Calle Quevedo. Sevilla.
- Rehabilitation of Multifamily Housing at Calle Cervantes. Cadiz.
- Rehabilitation of housing for rural home in Leon Arroyomolinos. Huelva.
- Rehabilitation and reform housing for use as affordable housing. Gerena. Sevilla.
- Reform of local raw for administrative use. Calla San Luis. Sevilla. (*)
- Reform of housing in Calle Principe de Vergara. Madrid. (*)
- Reform apartment on Calle Ramon Resa Journalist. Sevilla. (*)
- Reform of housing in the Avenida Reina Mercedes. Sevilla. (*)
- Rehabilitation of housing in Street Rest. Sevilla. (*)
- Rehabilitation of terrace house in Cabo de Palos. Murcia. (*)
- Reform of housing for use as a dental clinic. Tomares. Sevilla.
- Reform of warehouse for storage of ambulances. Beds. Sevilla.
- Reform of housing and replacement of roofs at Calle Seville. Arroyomolinos de León. Huelva
- Reform of Housing at Calle Antonio Montaner. Sevilla.
- Rehabilitation of housing in Bonanza. Sanlucar de Barrameda. Cadiz (*)
- Reform of costumes and introduction of farm Almorchones staircase. Navacerrada.Madrid.
- Adequacy of commercial premises for use as a training academy. Madrid
- Housing Reform Office in Calle Conde de la Cimera. Madrid.
- Rehabilitation and renovation of two houses in Carmona. Sevilla.
- Renovation and expansion of terrace house in Hare Street. Sevilla.
- Rehabilitation of Multifamily building in Calle Ramón Fort. Madrid.